Serving The Life Science Industry

  • Laser micro components (polymer, metal, ceramic, glass)
  • Core wires, stylets, pushing wires, packaging, welding & forming mandrels
  • Hypotubes
  • Wire & tube components (coated/uncoated)
  • OEM Balloons
  • Thermoplastic & thermo set extrusions & injection molding
  • Laser micromachining equipment for polymer, metal, ceramic & glass
  • Catheter RF processing equipment (welding, tipping, flaring, hole punching)
  • Micro-coiling and custom metal forming equipment
  • Downstream & upstream extrusion equipment
  • Measurement, vision & test equipment
  • Integrated extrusion lines
  • Feeding, on/off loading, cutting, complete cell integration
  • (Semi-) Finished OEM catheters, IV & blood collection, Infusion, Drainage, neurology, cardiology
  • Naso Gastric & Jejunal Feeding tube catheters & assemblies
  • Endotracheal, Laryngeal mask, Airway management
  • OEM guidewire torquers
  • Stents, braided shafts, balloons
  • All can come upon request: bulk, custom-packed, certified, sterilized.
  • Conception
  • Development
  • Next generation selection
  • Cost reduction
  • Validation
  • Certification
  • Production start up for Catheters
  • Closure/Delivery devices
  • Guide Wires

Conair World Leader for Medical-dedicated Downstream Equipment

Conair offers dedicated equipment for micro bore, multi-lumen, thin wall, high speed, high temperature, thermo plastic or thermo set extrusion processes. Conair was the pioneer for vacuum sizing water tanks, vertical extrusion for extreme thin extrusions, servo-driven puller/cutters, multi-pass water tanks.
Equipment offered: Vacuum sizing water tanks, water tanks, multi-pass water tanks, puller/cutter, planetary cutter, blade design for cutting, off-line cutters, automatic coil transfer winders, conveyor, a large range of tools and components (funnels, guides, rollers, inserts, alcohol dispensing, air support, servo motors, blade designs, feeding, etc.).
Conair also offer up stream equipment such as blenders, mixers & dryers. In cooperation with 2Spring one offers full integrated extrusions lines as well.

Conair owns a large number of patents that changed the world of medical extrusion. Latest developments are for example: vertical extrusion for extreme thin wall designs, the smallest footprint for PVC-extrusion lines, world’s fast flexible PVC extrusion line, unique high speed/burr free cutting for designs such as braid/spiral, silicones, stiff or thin/tacky materials

Conair offers true customer support/service, openness and partnership.

Kinefac Corporation micro coiling & custom wireforming equipment

Kinefac Corporation Kine-Coil division is a world leader in high precision, high speed, precision micro coiling equipment providing our customers with the most advanced CNC production of precision coils. Kinefac is committed to providing unique technological solutions to meet your medical, electronic and micro-mechanical device coiling requirements. High speed, high droop, stiff, variable pitches along 1 coil, flat wire, D wire, coated coils, 0.002” inch wire coils all in a large number of materials.
Kinefac offers a wide variety of systems, CNC, servo-driven, to meet your specific needs. Based on a dry process and typically 1-point (more upon request) precise diamond-based tooling. Out CE-certified systems come with custom tooling, free sample run and continuous R&D support for future designs. Medical coils: Catheter, Marker, Guide wire band, Spacer, Tungsten Filament, Armor, Stapler, Casing, Micro coils: Contact, Pogo connector, relay, connector, valve, solenoid. Kinefac, Worcester Massachusetts USA, is a metal forming equipment supplier, offering metal processing equipment with a focus on coiling, rolling and press rolling equipment. Over 50 years in business privately-owned, ISO certified Kinefac also offers custom equipment for unique processes in the fields of Medical Devices, Automotive, Aerospace & Energy.

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